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About Me


Hi! I'm Fiona  

Certified paediatric sleep consultant, Primary School Teacher and mother of three.  

My ethos is gentle, responsive and designed to enable the best sleep possible for each family I support. ​
I fully appreciate that I am working with you at a vulnerable stage of life with your most precious little one. I want you to leave the experience with the confidence, knowledge and understanding of how to support your unique child in any sleep challenges you might face and obviously get that blissful nights sleep! 

My Story

Most importantly I am a mother of three. I am also a Teacher and prior to this I studied Early Childhood 
Studies and Sociology at University. Throughout this time babies, children and their early development 
were always an interest of mine. After experiencing first hand the detrimental effects sleep deprivation 
can have on the whole family my interest turned into an obsession.


I am now truly passionate in my goal 
to help as many families as possible establish healthy sleep routines and committed in providing 
personalised and compassionate guidance in their journey to better sleep. I don’t want families to 
struggle with a lack of sleep, it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be that way.  

My Experience

As a certified sleep consultant, having a degree in Early childhood studies, being a specialist early years teacher and dedicated mother of three I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide families towards better sleep. I offer a well rounded and informed approach to addressing sleep challenges in children and am here to support you on your unique sleep journey, offering expertise and understanding every step of the way. 

Profile Experience.webp

Mummy- first hand experience of: 


(pathological demand avoidance)  


Nightmares/terrors Sleep walking 

The list goes on… 

Primary School Teacher 

PGCE specialising in the Early Years 

10+ years teaching predominantly in Reception 

Honours Degree

Early Childhood Studies and Sociology

sleep nanny academy certificate_edited_e

Sleep Nanny Academy Graduate 

Service Name 

Baby Lying Down

Happy, Rested Families I have worked with.


"Fiona has completely changed our lives!

Less than three weeks after our first consultation, my boys now fall asleep just after 7pm. They have gone from waking every 30-60 minutes throughout the night to sleeping through to the morning. I have evenings again with my husband, I can eat my supper while it’s hot, I sleep in my own bed back in our room..." READ MORE

- Milly Bottari, Mum to Robbie (2yrs) and Theo (1yr) 

Ready to take the first step to better sleep?

Schedule a free 30 minute call and we can explore the most suitable programme for you and your little one. You can ask me your questions and be sure you are making the best decision for your family. 

Or head over to the BOOKING PAGE to book your Sleep package directly!

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