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Happy, Rested Families Say...


Milly Bottari

Mum to Robbie (2yrs 10months) and Theo (1yr 6months) 

"Fiona has completely changed our lives!

Less than three weeks after our first consultation, my boys now fall asleep just after 7pm. They have gone from waking every 30-60 minutes throughout the night to sleeping through to the morning. I have evenings again with my husband, I can eat my supper while it’s hot, I sleep in my own bed back in our room. And in addition to this, my boys both nap for an hour and a half during the day. My boys behaviour has noticeably improved, I have my patience back- it’s amazing what having some sleep has done for our family.

Fiona is lovely to work with, she listens carefully and her advice is tailored to the needs of your child. Most importantly, she is incredibly supportive. I could not recommend Fiona more highly. "


Vanessa Forde

Mum to Caitlin,  7.5 months

"Within a week Caitlin (who was co-sleeping with me with multiple night feeds) is sleeping in her own room for naps and night time, self settling and waking for a couple of feeds at night.


By the end of week 2 she was only waking for one night feed with one dream feed. I am extremly happy with our progress and we achieved the goals set out in our consultation.


I am now confident to move forward with the approach and next steps and am very thankful to Fiona for her help." 


Bekki Michael

Mum to Teddy, 5 years old

I've done this all before (twice!) I don't need help, it will only take a few days,  oh I will bribe him...all the things I said to myself month after month but never put it into action. I was too tired to deal with him co-sleeping half the night but not dealing with it was making me more tired. It was a vicious cycle!


Speaking to Fiona gave us confidence and more importantly, accountability!!


and yes we had done it twice before but knowing someone was on the end of the phone checking in made us stick to the plan.

It was brilliant to talk through each step and discuss the process behind why it works. It took us a few sleepless nights but we got to the end goal way quicker than expected...oh and that 8 hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep is priceless!


Thanks Fiona I honestly cannot think of anyway the experience could of improved.

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"Fiona you are my new favourite human!

It feels incredible to not be woken up and have my evenings back again; I just wish I had found you sooner! After 9 months of my 4 year old waking me up every night, taking ages to go down in the evening and waking me early I finally reached out to Fiona and after a week of Fiona supporting me my 4 year old is asleep by 7, sleeps all night and stays in her room until 7. I actually can’t believe it, thank you.


Fiona has been so supportive, reassuring and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. She mapped out a full plan for my daughter having learnt exactly what was going on and understanding what we both needed. She has been on the end of the phone for me and then held my hand through every bit and given me so much confidence. My daughter is much happier now that she is getting plenty of sleep and I am waking up energised for the day. So grateful, thank you! Can’t recommend you enough (I’m going to miss your smiley positive face on FaceTime!)."

- Louise Buttler, Mum of 4 year old

"If your having battles with your little one and sleep contact Fiona Gentle Sleep Coach she's AMAZING!


I contacted Fiona regarding Pegs as since the clocks changed she was all out of routine and a challenge at bedtimes and through the night! 

Fiona gave me and Pegs a few suggestions of changes to make to our routine and it's worked wonders in such a short space of time. 

- Bernie Palmer,  Mummy to Peggy 1yr old

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